Sachin Tendulkar's 1st ODI Century In England Against England – Highlights
生誕 1973年4月24日(47歳)
インドの旗 インド、ムンバイ
身長 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)








様々な大記録を達成しているその業績からクリケットの神様(God of Cricket)とも評されている










試合 テスト ODI FC LA
出場試合 200 463 310 551
得点 15,921 18,426 25,396 21,999
打率 53.78 44.83 58.84 45.54
100s/50s 51/68 49/96 81/116 60/114
最高得点 248* 200* 248* 200*
アウト数 4,240 8,054 7,605 10,230
ウィケット数 46 154 71 201
防御率 54.17 44.48 61.74 42.17
1イニング5ウィケット 0 2 0 2
1試合10ウィケット 0 0 0 0
最優秀投手成績 3/10 5/32 3/10 5/32
捕球/スタンピング 115/– 140/– 186/– 175/–




  • 1994 – アルジュナ賞:インドのスポーツ界における栄誉賞
  • 1997-98 – ラジーヴ・ガンディー・ケール・ラナト賞:インドのスポーツ界における最高栄誉賞
  • 1999 – パドマ・シュリー勲章:インドの民間人に贈られる四番目に格式がある勲章
  • 2008 – パドマ・ヴィブーシャン勲章:インドの民間人に贈られる二番目に格式がある勲章
  • 2014 – バーラト・ラナト賞:インドの民間人に贈られる最も格式がある勲章


  • 2001 – マハーラーシュトラ・ブーシャン賞:民間人に贈られるマハーラーシュトラ州で最も格式がある賞



Sachin Tendulkar Career Highlights #THANKYOUSACHIN
1988 インドの旗 クリケット・クラブ・オブ・インディア
1988–2013 インドの旗 ムンバイ
1992 イングランドの旗 ヨークシャー
2008-2013 インドの旗 ムンバイ・インディアンズ (インド・プレミアリーグ)
代表 インド
初テスト(cap 187) 1985年11月15日 対 パキスタン
最新テスト 2013年11月14日 対 西インド諸島






Sachin Tendulkar top 20 six – top 20 sixes by Sachin Tendulkar batting.











アニメ「スーラジ ザ ライジングスター」では主人公が入団するムンバイ・チャンピオンズの主将サミールのモデルになった。



Sachin Tendulkar Top 10 Shots: sachin tendulkar batting


Tendulkar is cross-dominant: he bats, bowls and throws with his right hand, but writes with his left hand.

He also practices left-handed throws at the nets on a regular basis. Cricinfo columnist Sambit Bal has described him as the “most wholesome batsman of his time”.

His batting is based on complete balance and poise while limiting unnecessary movements and flourishes. He appears to show little preference for the slow and low wickets which are typical in India, and has scored many centuries on the hard, bouncy pitches in South Africa and Australia.

He is known for his unique punch style of hitting the ball over square. He is also renowned for his picture-perfect straight drive, often completed with no follow-through. The straight drive is often said to be his favourite shot.

In 2008, Sunil Gavaskar, in an article he wrote in the AFP, remarked that “it is hard to imagine any player in the history of the game who combines classical technique with raw aggression like the little champion does”.

Equipment-wise, his bats tend to be heavier than the average batman.

Sir Donald Bradman, considered by many as the greatest batsman of all time, considered Tendulkar to have a batting style similar to his. In his biography, it is stated that “Bradman was most taken by Tendulkar’s technique, compactness and shot production, and had asked his wife to have a look at Tendulkar, having felt that Tendulkar played like him. Bradman’s wife, Jessie, agreed that they did appear similar.”

Former Australian cricket team coach John Buchanan voiced his opinion that Tendulkar had become susceptible to the short ball early in his innings because of a lack of footwork.

Buchanan also believes Tendulkar has a weakness while playing left-arm pace.

He was affected by a series of injuries since 2004. Since then Tendulkar’s batting has tended to be less attacking. Explaining this change in his batting style, he has acknowledged that he is batting differently because, firstly, no batsman can bat the same way for the entire length of a long career and, secondly, he is a senior member of the team now and thus has more responsibility. During the early part of his career, he was a more attacking batsman and frequently scored centuries at close to a run a ball. Ian Chappell, former Australian player, remarked in 2007 that “Tendulkar now, is nothing like the player he was when he was a young bloke”.

Tendulkar has incorporated several modern and unorthodox strokes into his repertoire, including the paddle sweep, the scoop over short fine leg and the slash to third man over the slips’ heads, over the last seven or eight years. He is often praised for his ability to adapt to the needs of his body and yet keep scoring consistently.

While Tendulkar is not a regular bowler, he can bowl medium pace, leg spin, and off spin. He often bowls when two batsmen of the opposite team have been batting together for a long period, as he can often be a useful partnership breaker.

With his bowling, he has helped secure an Indian victory on more than one occasion.

He has taken 201 international wickets – 46 in Tests, 154 in ODIs where he is India’s twelfth highest wicket taker, and one wicket in Twenty20 Internationals.